You’re Intermittent Fasting. Now What Can You Eat?

Snack choices are important to Intermittent Fasters, as these short eating periods can be mentally taxing if you don’t have the energy or nutrients you need to get through them. The good news is that Intermittent fasting snacks are easy to choose from and tasty to boot. Intermittent fasting snacks can be either high protein, low sugar, or both – depending on your goals.

If you are Intermittent fasting to lose weight, it’s best to choose snacks high in protein and low in sugar. Protein helps build and repair muscle mass – while Intermittent fasting, you’re burning through the fat stores instead of the muscles. Intermittent Fasting for women is a little different than Intermittent fasting for men (see more below).

Listed below are some Intermittent Fasting snack ideas:

– Turkey slices with cheese or avocado

– Raw veggies with hummus or guacamole

– Fruit salads

– Energy balls with dates, nuts, seeds, cacao powder etc.  (see Vegan Date Balls for Energy Recipe) or any other energy bites.  You can also use Intermittent fasting recipe section to find smoothies, Intermittent fasting treats, and Intermittent fasting cakes.

– Omelettes with veggies or Intermittent fasting oatmeal

– Whole grain rice cakes with nut butter or cheese

These snacks will help you get through your Intermittent Fasting periods without going overboard on sugary foods that can knock you out of a fat burning state right into a muscle wasting one.   If you’re not consuming protein at every meal, it’s important to make sure these snacks have enough protein in them, so your muscles don’t start to eat themselves for energy while you fast!

If you Intermittent fast for weight gain, Intermittent fasting snacks can be a great way to get in some extra calories and nutrients. Intermittent Fasting weight gain snacks should also contain protein and complex carbs like Intermittent fasting oatmeal. Intermittent fasting snacks can also be Intermittent fasting desserts and Intermittent fasting breads (see Quick Keto Bread Recipe).

I think the best way to get started with your Intermittent Fasting diet is to choose simple snacks like fruits, veggies, nuts, cheese slices etc. Once you get used to these foods in your new Intermittent fasting lifestyle it would be easier for you try different Intermittent fasting smoothies or shakes.

You can then move on to Intermittent fasting chocolate cake baking,Intermittent fasting oatmeal cookies,Intermittent fasting pancakes. There are many great Intermittent fasting recipes out there.

If you are interested in various recipes for your Intermittent Fasting, go and check Nature’s Garden recipes.

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